a long standing tradition in the town of Eumundi was the battle for supremacy of the cricket pitch! Once a year, held on the historic grounds, that is now the Eumundi showground arena, locals from all walks of life gather to drink copious amounts of beer, burn snags and seafood on a barbie, and pit their allegiance in a tortuous battle for Pub recognition. the two pubs, Joe's Waterhole and the Imperial Hotel, have over years made this one of the best days out for towns locals. As with all my artscapes over the last two decades, those who attend these events are always invited to add brushstrokes and colour to the canvas, I would have it no other way for it is my art to collect brushstrokes from everyone!
Acrylic on canvas
image size 0540mm x 1480mm approx

EUMUNDI - Good Friday Cricket match

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