while in Cairns creating a collection based on the Passport to Airlie band competitions, one of our favourite places was Twelve Bar Blues. The owner wis in the Band Hip2soul, and happened to be playing at the Casino on one of those nights when I was free from obligayions, so yes, as you've guessed, I took canvas paint etc etc along and captured the moment. Funny thing though, the management, bouncers doormen etc though thoroughly enjoying the artistic performance, stopped me from going into the main gaming room because I was in 'work clothes'...as I queeried their stance, informing I had no clothes without paint on them, I had to step aside to allow two gentlemen in stubbies and T-shirts entry. Without aggression I asked why they and not me? at the same time as I asked this a woman stincking of vomit (with a little still stuck in her hair, squeezed past our conversation, giving the bouncer a high five as she went through....she had grass and mud stains all over..So I packed up my toys

Hip2soul live at Vertigo - Cairns Casino

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