the Journey to capture a 'secrect squirrel' moment on behalf of two friends, was arduous. Firstly I had to get permission to paint live at Mitchell Creek RocknBlues festival, which was like pulling teeth, until the festival patron Jimmy realised we both held the same 'secret squirell'. Next step was at the canvas onsite, where I was required to imply to the festival patrons at large, that I would not be there on the morning of the 'secret squirell' event...the wedding of Matty and Comet. So yes, I played along painting live with my good friends the 'Hussy Hicks' capturing the groom at his bucks night (figure in right hand corner). and also to add to the element of the moment in full, painted the support band on the back of his silk dressing gown.
The wedding Artscape was gifted to the Bride and Groom by Jimmy, and now this one leaves the vault to find it's place in the world
acrylic on canvas image size 0550mm x 0850mm approx

Mitchell Creek Rockn'blues Festival collection - 'Hussy Hicks'

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