Mitchell Creek RocknBlues Festival series

                                           the Zepplin Bar

Painting the event live, it was essential to capture the atmosphere created by the woodstockian naming of areas and venues. The main gathering hub was indeed the Zepplin Bar, where we had the opportunity to capture  both stages, the 44 gallon drum fires with cutouts by sculptor Keith Gawl, the outdoor lounge, firetwirlers and the beaming laser show that was the constant companion of the festivals night.

Barry Charles, when asked to paint on the canvas, simply dipped his walking cane rubber base into a blob of paint and then stenciled it onto the canvas backdrop of stage 1.. now that's a signature. loved it Barry!
Acrylic on canvas image size 1150mm x 0800mm approx

Mitchell Creek Rockn'blues Festiva collectionl - the Zepplin Stage'

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