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                        ETHOS the EXPERIENCE  GAMES !  

We are currently experiencing great changes. in the ways we, as a global population' shall emerge from our current situation. The GLOBALARTBANK intention is, always has been, and will continue to be,  to assist the creative.

Here at the GLOBALARTBANK we are proud to sponor, present and assist game concepts by, live event performance artist, Bob Gammage aka TOLA (Theatre Of Life Artistry) 

A simple card game concept re-opening local TOURISM LOCATIONS, LIVE MUSIC and  PERFORMANCE VENUES, CAMPGROUNDS and BEACHES  makes perfect common sense.

In todays confused environment as well as our unfolding future, we need  to remember the colour of life still flows through us all.

A series of games connecting real locations, real bands entertainers artists festivals and events, featuring artworks created live on-site at local VENUES.

An ethical selection, of  8 (eight) 'IDENTITY' based basic Charkra colours, guide us toward experiencing each location, and encourage us to meet the locals. 


A single player game is on-line - and it's FREE to play! 


Step 1 match VENUE and IDENTITY by colour.

Step 2 match both coloured dots on a four parrt card conversation

game 1 (live it - love it - be it - giscover it)

game 2 (blues - jazz - roots - country)

to the IDENTITY and one VENUE 

the qbove six card hand is called a completed 'GIG' 


Single Play card games

self isolation, 'IRONY' - similar to solitaire

travel restrictions, 'Agnes Time' - similar to clock patience


Multi-play csrd games 

'Colours' - similar to UNO

the covid app 'IRONIC'- similar to two handed patience 

social distancing 'IRONIC II' 

global shutdown 'GIG CANCELLED' 






In the times ahead, with lockdowns, isolation, social distancing, vaccinations and covid apps, the chances of celebratory events, music festivals etc  are a dim light at the end of a very long tunnel. But you can help brighten that light with a donation

Doesn't matter how small or how large, any donation is greatly appreciated.

love life