explaining  T.O.L.A.  

 (Robert Gammage Bob, tola, Theatre of Life Artistry)  

 One of Australia's improvisational live event painting performance artists providing an interactive, collaborative,  artistic interpretation. An insight, into arts and entertainment. through celebration. featuring vignette  moments 'created 'during the moment.' 

Haven't had the opportunity  to  experience a Live Event Artscape Performance?  It's an  energetic, musically embellished  painting style,  creating an adrenaline-filled visual performance. The artist, interactively engaging with your guests, encourages brushstrokes of colour connecting the ever changing moments of celebration into a visual work of art.



       Public and private commissions available throughout Australia and Internationally.

Weddings, Music Festivals, Tournaments, Bands, Soloists, races,   Corporate events, Birthdays, 

 over 2500 live event canvases to date
 The artist provides the opportunity for guests and/or performers to add collective brush strokes, whilst composing your Artscape with a wealth of art and inspiration morphing into a montage of momentary expressionism, capturing YOUR  experience.